Why Summer is the best time to service your boiler [New]

When it comes to getting your boiler serviced, this is something that often gets overlooked. The reason for this is mostly because many homeowners assume that there is nothing wrong with their boiler because it has not caused them an issue yet. However, you need to make sure you get your boiler serviced annually and it should take place during the summer! There reasons for these include...

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Why you should service your boiler during the summer

Your boiler is not in use

Many people often turn their boilers off during the summer and because it is not in use, it is the perfect time to get it serviced before you turn it back on for the winter. Although you are not using it, it has worked extremely hard in the previous winter and it gives you plenty of time to get it sorted out.

Any issues can be fixed

Getting your boiler serviced during the summer makes it easier for heating engineers to identify any issues with your boiler or anything else that could need fixing with your central heating system. This helps ensure your boiler is ready for the winter!

Shorter wait times

If you are looking to get your boiler serviced during the winter, there is usually a long wait time, mainly because everyone else is also trying to get their boiler serviced. Stay on top of your heating by getting is serviced early! 

Book at a time that suits you

When you book a boiler service during autumn and winter, it can often be difficult to book it at a time that is convenient for you. Mostly because heating engineers are a lot busier than when compared to the summer. When you book a boiler service in the winter, you will have a wider choice of times and days to suit your schedule. 

Have peace of mind

Knowing that your boiler has been serviced and is winter-ready will give you peace of mind knowing that you will not have to worry about your boiler breaking down on you, especially when you need it the most!

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